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artist Dana Edelman,
           producer John Wonderling, 
     engineer Julie Last



A Percussion Ensemble
album project

From left: Danny Gottlieb, Beth Gottlieb, Ken Lovelett, Mario DeCiutiis

From left: guests Mark Egan, Ali Ryerson, Gani Tamir, Mike DeMicco

Singer, Composer Chris Mitchell

from left: Ray Salas, Ken Lovelett, Steve Rust, Mike DeMicco, Pete Levin, Chris

Dylan Jenings

Ken Lovelett, Melanie Gentile, Dylan, Mike DeMicco,
Pete Levin, Ray Salas, Steve Rust

Harley Mama      

      Down On Your Knees

Score for feature film, ZELIMO
composer Pete Levin (l)   Pete and engineer Cynthia Daniels (c)
Zelimo director Aleks Rosenberg (r)


Vinnie Pasternack

Singer, Composer, Guitarist &
Dulcimer player
Barb Truex

"Sonart allowed me to reach incredible levels of creativity within a natural environment that other studios only dream about."
      Vincent Pasternak - producer
"Sunshine, superb acoustics, excellent mike collection, inspiring environment and exceptionally quiet control room makes Sonart the ideal studio for any musical venture."
      Ray Salas - engineer
"Going into a recording project, two things musicians hope for is that a studio will be technically together and that it'll be a comfortable space to work in.  Sonart gets a gold star for both.   Its rare to work in a studio atmosphere that truly promotes creativity."
      Pete Levin - composer/musician
"They need a bigger sign out front.  I kept going past the driveway and was 2 hours late for the session.  Do I get paid anyway?"
      Izzy Joost - Viola player