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Equipment List

Control Room



Amek "Big" 44 input console with Amek automation
   Genelec 1031a monitors
   Yamaha NS-10 monitors
   Tannoy Reveal studio monitors

   Genelec subwoofer
   Hafler P400 500 watt monitor amplifier
   Studer 827  2" 24-track analog recorder
   (3) Tascam DA88 digital recorders
   (3) Alesis XT20 ADAT digital recorders
   Tascam Y88 expansion card for multi-machine sync

   Macintosh G5 computer
   Digidesign Protools HD3 system ( Mercury Bundle, Auto Tune, SSLcard, Channel Strip etc.)

   Ampex ATR102 1/2" 2-track analog recorder
   Tascam DA-40 DAT recorder
   Panasonic SU-3800 DAT recorder
   Tascam cassette recorder
   Zoom HD16 digital recorder
   Kanguru CD and DVD duplicator

   HHB CDR-FJO CD writer
   Tascam cassette duplicator
   Tascam CD-4000 CD duplicator
   API 3124M microphone preamps
   Lexicon 480L reverb
   Portico-5032 mike preamps (2)
   Portico 5021-mike preamps (3)
   Portico-5042 line amb/tape fx
   Portico 5042 -compressors (2)
Digitech "Vocalist" live pro
   Lexicon pcm 81
   TC Electronics - finalizer

   Drawmer noise gates
   Summit compressors


   (1) AKG L422 stereo
   (2) AKG solid tube
   (2) AKG C12 (matched pair)
   (2) AKG C414B-ULS
   (6) AKG C414
   (1) Electro Voice RE38N/D
   (2) Electro Voice RE20
   (1) Electro Voice RE27
   (1) Electro Voice LOZ Cardioid 1750
   (1) Audio Technica ATM23HE
   (1) Audio Technica ATM25
   (2) Audio Technica PRO7-a miniature Lavalier
   (1) Shure Beta 52
  (14) Shure SM57
   (6) Shure SM58
   (6) Sennheiser 421
   (2) Neumann U87
   (1) Crown PZM 30D
   (1) "Green Bullet" harmonica mike
         Beyer Dynamic drum kit microphone set (clip on tom & snare mics, kick drum mic)


Steinway 7-foot concert grand piano
Kurzweil Mark 12 keyboard & sampled grand piano
Dean Markey-guitar amp ,kac-60, 1-Tran/amp,B40 bass amp

Vibraphone, Marimba, Xylophone,
extensive collection of drums & world percussion
complete line of unique hand-crafted instruments by American Percussion (that you won't find anywhere else)

Special equipment

Private Q monitor system (8-channel cue system)