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by Ken Lovelett
Monday, July 10, 2000

The dream is now reality!
Sonart Recording Studio is open for business.

For many years, my dream has been to offer musicians, engineers and producers a studio with state of the art equipment in an aesthetically pleasing and comfortable environment.  Sonart is the realization of that dream.   Artists working at Sonart find themselves in a setting that encourages the achievement of their highest goals.

Located in Mt. Tremper, New York - 11 miles west of Woodstock - Sonart is in one of the most beautiful rural areas in the Northeast, and its less than three hours from midtown Manhattan.  The area is home to a vast arts community that includes innumerable musicians - from well-known concert performers to top New York session players.

Whether you're interested in performing live in the studio with a full ensemble, or building track by track tapestries of sound with over-dubbing, whether you prefer digital or analog decks, whether you want to run instruments direct to the board or capture the warm, rich natural ambience of Sonart's various and acoustically flexible rooms ... whatever your needs, Sonart stands ready to work with you and for you.

We've already gotten raves from musicians for our
Private Q monitor system, that lets each musician control their own headphone mix.  ProTools is available for the versatility of computer hard disc multitrack recording and editing.  And we shouldn't forget to mention the "creature comforts" that help keep you playing, not just working, during your sessions at Sonart.  You can cook a meal or have a snack in Sonart's fully equipped kitchen, or step out on the deck to catch a few moments of peaceful relaxation between takes.  For a longer break, take a stroll or lounge in the Japanese garden - or walk cross the road and check out the famous Esopus creek.  Its the total environment and setting that makes long sessions far more enjoyable.

Please cruise around and check out the site.  There are photos, equipment lists, etc.   For further information, please get in touch - email or telephone.  Thanks for your interest.  Looking forward to hearing from you.